The thermal management scheme for 5G base station

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With the rapid development of 5G technologies, the miniaturization and precision of electronic products, and the increasing amount of communication data and communication speed, the total power and computing capabilities of base stations have greatly increased. At present, the power consumption of 5G base station is 2.5 to 3.5 times that of 4G, and the maximum heat flux density of high-end CPUs can reach 75W/cm2, which is mainly generated during signal conversion, processing and transmission by AAU and BBU. Additionally, the communication base stations are usually installed in poor locations, such as plateaus, deserts, forest. Therefore, the stable operation of 5G base station is crucial under high heat flux density and poor conditions.

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Our company can apply many advanced heat dissipation technology, including vapor chamber, heat pipe and heat dissipation module, to ensure the normal operation of the base station at high heat load density, prolong the service life of all components, and keep the chip operating in normal temperature under high temperature and extreme cold weather. Even if exposed to more poor conditions and higher service requirements, our company can also provide advanced passive cooling technology and strong protection materials to effectively ensure the stable and safe operation of the base station.

Fastrun Thermal Technology CO., LTD (FTT) has been engaged in cooperative R&D and the domestic more than 5G company, and adopt the thermal management method of creative to guarantee the 5G base station operation in harsh environments. At present, the thermal management scheme has been applied in the desert, forests, rain forests, wetlands under extreme conditions, which can not only ensure the normal operation of the base station, but also reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions. Our company makes a contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection as much as possible.

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