Team Introduction

Fastrun Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.


Chief Engineer

Name: Shuangfeng Wang
Title: Professor(Level 2)
Research direction:
1. Micro nano scale phase change heat transfer
2. Heat dissipation technology in aviation, electronics and Optoelectronics (LED)
3. Basic research on phase change micro nano heat transfer and flow
4. Phase change energy storage materials and equipment

Personal profile

 Female,Born in September 1964. Doctor and post-doctoral of Tokyo University, Japan. Now is the professor in the school of chemistry and chemical engineering, South China University of technology, director and doctoral supervisor of Key Laboratory for heat transfer enhancement and process energy conservation of education Ministry, "Taishan Scholars" in Shandong Province. Director of China Engineering Thermophysics society, member of heat and mass transfer branch, member of multiphase flow branch. Member of the Japanese heat transfer society, member of the Chinese computational fluid dynamics society in Japan, and director of the Chinese Association of automotive engineers in Japan.In recent years, she has presided over more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial projects, including national key R & D projects and key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, and published more than 150 papers in important academic journals at home and abroad as the first author or corresponding author, of which more than 120 were included in SCI. More than 70 patents (50 authorized). Two second prizes of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award (ranking first). Honored as an advanced individual of Returned Overseas Chinese and family members of overseas Chinese, outstanding contribution (innovative talent) of overseas Chinese, March 8th red flag bearer of Guangzhou, outstanding female scientific and technological worker of Guangzhou, "female expert for meritorious service in southern Guangdong" and May 1st Labor Medal of Guangdong Province, and so on.

The core management of FFT has worked in the thermal control industry for many years, with working experience in the world's top 500 enterprises or leading enterprises in this industry. 60% of the company's staff are R & D personnel, all from the top elites in thermal control industry, with an average qualification of more than 10 years, accumulated rich experience in R & D, production, management, as well as a deep understanding of the development of the industry.