Semiconductor / Electronics

With the rapid developments in electronics and semiconductors, the market led to the use of very compact and precise units with large power and excellent perfomance. However, the dimensions of these electronic components and chipsets are small, and the surface for heat transfer is very limited. The heat can create problems for small form devices or in situations where the components or materials come into close contact with the body. And the heat from the compact chip can effect the operation, and can cause the product to malfunction and even can damage the whole device. Therefore, cooling is the requisite for heat removal from the semiconductor or integrated cicuits (ICs)to maintain good perfomance and operation. External materials and products are required to dissipate the heat.

Vapor chamber, the compact and passive liquid vapor two phase heat transfer device, can transfer a long amount of heat by the cyclic evaporation - condensation process. Vapor chamber is also considered as one of the prospective thermal management technologies in cooling electronic industry.

FTT adopts diffussion bonding technology to seal the top and bottom covers together to form a container of vapor chamber. Diffussion bonding, also called diffusion welding, is an advanced and solid-state welding technology used in military, aerospace, rail transportation, nuclear etc. Diffusion bonding is usually implemented by applying high pressure, in conjunction with necessarily high temperature, to the materials to be welded; the technique is most commonly used to weld "sandwiches" of alternating layers of thin metal foil, and metal wires or filaments.

Diffussion bonding is a very reliable joining technique to produce high quality product combination where no discontinuity or porosity exists in the interface. In addition, diffussion bonding doesn’t need any flux, the products made by that technology can be compliant with the ROHS and REACH, and can keep the earth green. Therefore, vapor chambers that FTT manufactured can guarantee absolute vacuum to improve the reliability and effeciency of the products.