Pulsating heat pipe

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Pulsating heat pipes are mostly made of copper tube or aluminum plate. Pulsating flat heat pipe has been widely used because of its adaptability to various applications. Pulsating heat pipes can be divided into closed loop pulsating heat pipes, open loop pulsating heat pipes and pulsating heat pipes with valves. The open-loop pulsating heat pipe has better start-up performance than the closed-loop pulsating heat pipe, but its thermal resistance is higher than that of the closed-loop pulsating heat pipe.

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Pulsating heat pipe

Operation mechanism of a pulsating heat pipe is: The fine capillary copper pipe is bent into a serpentine structure, and then a certain amount of refrigerant is filled into the vacuum pipe. Because the diameter of the pipe is small enough, under the action of surface tension, many closed liquid and bubble columns are formed in the pipe, arranged at intervals, and randomly distributed in the pipe. In the evaporation section, the liquid plug absorbs more heat and pushes the vapor and liquid plug to flow to the low-temperature condensation section. The gas plug meets cold surface and breaks, returning to the evaporation section.

Thus, due to the different pressure between the two ends and the pressure imbalance between the adjacent pipes, the refrigerant does an unstable oscillating flow between the evaporation section and the condensation section. And the flow direction is not fixed, thus realizing the heat transfer. In the whole process, there is no need to consume external mechanical and electrical energy, and the self-oscillation is completely driven by heat, so as to achieve significant effects and heat dissipation technology. Pulsating heat pipe has irreplaceable advantage over traditional heat pipe and heat dissipation devices because of its high-ability, light-weight and easy-manufacture.

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