• Overview of 5G heat dissipation materials

    The importance of heat dissipation materials in the 5G era is getting stronger and stronger. The curtain of the times has been slowly opened. A notable feature of the 5G era is a significant increase in heat generation. As the power consumption of electronic equipment increases, the requirements ...
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  • Pay attention to new heat dissipation methods in the 5G era

    The scale of the heat dissipation market is growing rapidly with markets such as consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, and communication network construction. At present, many mobile phone manufacturers have followed the pace of 5G and released 5G mobile phones. The entire smart phone indust...
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  • Why choose FTT?

    FTT is a high-tech company focusing on the integrated program design of “chip thermal management and new energy vehicle thermal management” and the production of non-standard products, and is committed to being a leader in thermal control technology innovation. Products include pulsat...
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