New Energy / Battery

New energy, also alternative energy, is any energy source other than other fossil fuels, which including solar, geothermal heat, wind, tides, hydrogenic, biomass energy and nuclear power etc. With the rapid development of new energy, it splits out many different directions, lithium cell is one of it. However, here comes another question, what we should we do when the energy are used out. Then it branches a new industry - energy storage, the capture of energy produced at one time, and storage of them by some media to use at a later time when we need them to better ultilize and reduce inbalance between energy demand and production.

Energy storage comes in multiple forms including physical, electrochemical and electromagnetic. Rechargable battery, also known as secondary cell, is one kind of electrochemical energy storage, lithium-ion battery is the typical one. The new rising supercapacitory, also called ultracapacitor, belongs to electromagnetic energy storage.

Nowadays, the lithium-ion battery is widely used in electricl vehicle and energy storage power station, but how to cooling down the heat of the battery is the key to protect the reliability and efficiency of the battery package. Liquid cold plate is a very effective technology to cool the heat of the battery, which liquid flow channels contact the battery directly to absorb the heat of the cells.

IGBT module plays very important role in electic vehicle industry, and is very key techical components in EV and charing station. Liquid cooling is a very good choice for these high power density components.

FTT is capable of various welding, such as: brazing, friction stir welding, resistance brazing, diffusion brazing, wave soldering, laser brazing etc.

FTT provides solutions and products of different type of liquid cooling plate for accumulation energy, IGBT and battery pack etc, including fin cold plate, harmonica tube plate, extrusion plate, stamping plate, microchannel plate etc.

Liquid cold plate

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battery pack liquid cooling simulation

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IGBT water cooling simulation

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