Multi-application customized VC Module Radiator

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Mainly used in: computer graphics cards, computer chips, servers, 5G base stations, laser heat dissipation, military and subdivided fields of electronic products market.

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In electronics application, the trend of the electronic devices performance and power consumption has been increased significantly each year. Heat dissipation has been increased but in contrast the size of die on the electronic devices has been reduced or remained the same size due to nano-size circuit technology and thus the heat flux is critically high. The cooling of electronic devices is primarily achieved with air-cooled or liquid-cooled heat radiators. The liquid cooling systems surpass the air cooling systems by supplying heat transfer coefficient several orders of magnitudes higher.

However, the reliability of liquid cooling is considerably low due to liquid leakage. Generally, vapor chamber radiator have remarkable advantages in high heat transfer efficiency, high reliability, high efficiency without additional electric energy consumption and suitable working temperature. From the perspective of the reducing heat consumption, reducing troubles in operation and simplifying the structure of the heat dissipation system, vapor chamber radiator is undoubtedly a more appropriate heat dissipation method for electronic device. Vapor chamber is a planar heat pipe, it is in line contact with a planar heating element, such as electronic chips.

According to the heat source and product structure requirements, we design and produce the heat sink products to meet the requirements of heat dissipation. The inner structure of VC radiator can meet various condition. Through the VC heat conduction fin scatter heat phase combination, in an active or passive way to contact heat source. The fins are mainly made of copper or aluminum. The spacing and shape of the fins are specially designed to meet the active or passive cooling method. The fan is used to dissipate the waste heat from the vapor chamber radiator to the environment.

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