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Fastrun Thermal Technology CO., LTD (FTT) has been committed to participate in the research and development of medical equipment heat dissipation system design, to help various medical technology companies to solve the problem of product heat dissipation. We can customize all kinds of cooling devices and design schemes according to your specific needs. Our company will according to the different products, put forward a variety of economical and reliable solutions for you to choose, to ensure that your company’s medical equipment can work in the appropriate temperature range, so as to effectively protect medical equipment components, and improve the efficiency of medical equipment.

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The variety of medical equipment is increasing day by day, and it is also widely used in medical work. As precision electronic equipment, the performance of medical equipment largely depends on temperature. To ensure the medical equipment works in the correct temperature environment, cooling and heat dissipation systems are usually required. Excellent cooling and heat dissipation systems can ensure the safe and reliable operation of medical equipment, and reduce its energy consumption and failure rate. Once cooling and heat dissipation systems are faulty, the components of the equipment will heat up seriously during the working process, and eventually lead to abnormal conditions or even damage of the medical equipment. Paralysis in China each year due to poor heat dissipation performance of medical equipment of countless, brought a lot of loss. Therefore, it is particularly important to study the cooling and heat dissipation systems of medical equipment.

The cooling and heat dissipation modes of medical equipment mainly include solid radiatior cooling mode, natural air cooling mode, forced air cooling mode, circulating water cooling mode, circulating oil cooling mode and semicondutor cooling mode. Different medical equipment adopts different cooling and heat dissipation modes. Small and medium power medical equipment is commonly used for heat dissipation by forced air cooling. The medical equipment which works under high temperature and has high heat production rate is more suitable to be cooled by liquid cooling with high cooling efficiency. For components with very high heat rate in the working process, when conventional cooling forms cannot meet the requirements, other cooling methods such as evaporative cooling, heat pipe, boiling evaporation, micro-channel cooling or jet cooling or even thermoelectric cooling can be used for cooling.

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