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Vapor chambers

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Vapor chamber assemblies modules - heat spreading

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Optical module heat sinks

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Comparing with 4G, the download speed under 5G has increased 9-10 times at least. With the rapid development of 5G network, the transceiver needs to have small volume, high integrated level, rapid speed rate and low power dissipation performance. The speed rate of common used optical device of fronthaul, middlehaul and backhaul is 25G, 50G, 100G, 200g and 400G, and 25G and 100G optical device are the most widely used communication devices.

The numbers of antenna channel have inreased 8 times compared with 4G station, and the carrier bandwidth expanded 5 times, and the chip calculation increased 10 times, therefore, the heat dissipation of AAU rose around 3 times than 4G. Plus, 5G AAU heat dissipation replies on one single side, which space narrowed nearly half.

Vapor chamber, its technical principle similiar with heat pipe, can help AAU, BBU and RRU spreading the one spot heat to wider areas quickly, and then the heat can be transferred to heat sinks right away, while will be taken away by fan or air.

FTT can provide heat dissipation solutions and very good performance of vapor chamber and heat sink modules for AAU, BBU, RRU, heat exchanger, router and optical module transceiver etc.